1 Free Mix Like It’s 1994: Study Beats with SparkleDeep presenting Chill Beats / Relaxation / LoFi music mix

You asked, we answered: “study beats!” The first Headz compilation was released 30 years ago, this year — in 1994. Time flies, but this mix will take you back to that timeless moment.

Reintroducing Headz for the Headz of Today

The “Headz” compilations, specifically Headz, “Headz IIa” and “Headz IIb,” are a part of a series of compilations released by Mo’ Wax Records. Mo’ Wax was an influential British record label founded by James Lavelle in the early 1990s, known for its pioneering work in trip-hop and for helping to popularize the turntablism movement. The label played a crucial role in the development of the UK’s electronic and hip-hop scenes.

The “Headz” series, with its first installment released in the mid-1990s, featured a diverse range of artists and styles, encompassing elements of hip-hop, electronic music, jazz, and more, showcasing the eclectic and avant-garde approach that Mo’ Wax was celebrated for. “Headz IIa” and “Headz IIb” followed the tradition of the initial compilation, offering a wide array of tracks from various artists, both well-known and obscure, contributing to the label’s reputation for innovation and quality.

These compilations are notable for their curated selection of tracks that blend instrumental hip-hop, experimental electronic music, and various samples and soundscapes, providing listeners with a rich auditory experience. Artists involved in the series include DJ Shadow, UNKLE (a project initiated by James Lavelle himself), and other significant figures from the experimental and alternative scenes of the time.

The “Headz” compilations are considered landmark releases in the world of electronic and hip-hop music, reflecting the cutting-edge tastes of Mo’ Wax and its contributions to the broader music culture. They are valued not only for the music they contain but also for their role in documenting a pivotal era in electronic music.

Listen Now — Study Beats Await You with SparkleDeep’s Mix and Remaster

Embark on a sonic journey like no other. Listen now and let the timeless vibes of “Headz IIa and IIb” inspire your next masterpiece or study session.

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